Agriculture Products

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Stock Troughs

Traralgon Concrete Products troughs come in circular or rectangular shapes of varying sizes and capacity.  They are made from vibrated concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 32mPa and are reinforced with steel and/or fibre reinforcing.

Feed Pad Troughs

Whether you need an improved output from the dairy or better quality beef cattle, nutrition is all important. Supplements, additives and better quality feed are vital when it comes to maximising your profits.

Cattle Grids

Traralgon Concrete Products cattle grids are made in 2 sections measuring 1940mm x 2060mm x 375mm. Once together the overall measurement becomes 3880mm x 2060mm x 375mm. The grids are made of 40mPa concrete and steel reinforcing to ensure strength and support.  Each section has four lifting lugs for ease of placement.

Rural Fencing Systems

Prestressed Concrete Fence Posts have been used in Europe for many years, but are relatively new in Australia.

With their streamlined appearance, consistencies in size, strength, durability and being resistant to traditional threats – such as fire, termites and rot – TCP Fence posts are the answer to your fencing requirements.

Manufactured in accordance with strict quality procedures to ensure consistent strength and durability, the posts will meet all your requirements for stock fencing. Hole spacings match all normal fencing requirements – from electric fencing, to barbed wire, plain wire and netting fences.

The Posts are very used friendly. They can be driven using any standard post driver and are lightweight and easy to handle. No more drilling holes, no more stapling wires, TCP Prestressed Fence Posts take the ‘fiddliness’ out of your fencing tasks.