Feed Pad Troughs

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Traralgon Concrete Products Feedpad

Whether you need an improved output from the dairy or better quality beef cattle, nutrition is all important. Supplements, additives and better quality feed are vital when it comes to maximising your profits.

Height: 550mm
Length: 2400mm
Width: 1000mm

The dimensions of the feedpad allows for versatility when it comes to the variety of feeds or supplements that can be added to the animals diet. Anything from a mixer wagon, palm kernels, pellets, grain, straw, silage and hay can all be fed from a feedpad trough.

The construction of the trough has advantages over the other methods of feeding such as:
(i) The height of the walls prevent cattle from jumping in
(ii) Cattle can feed from both sides of the troughs and still reach the middle
(iii) The troughs can be joined together to form a feedpad of the desired length (allow 750mm (30″ per animal))
(iv) The weight of the trough prevents the animals from moving the troughs.