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Traralgon Concrete Products Endwalls


All Traralgon Concrete Products endwalls are manufactured using a minimum 40mPa reinforced concrete to ensure strength & durability. The endwalls are all fitted with “swift lift” type lifting fixtures to enable easy and safe placement.

Dimensions for low profile endwalls to suit 225mm, 300mm & 375mm pipe  are :  1 mtr wide overall by 600mm high

High profile endwalls for 225mm, 300mm, & 375mm 1.4mtrs wide  by 900mm high

Plastic or small pipe endwalls span 1 mtr wide but only 500mm high

Dimensions for endwalls to suit 450mm, 525mm, & 600mm are : 1.4mtrs wide by 900mm high

Dimensions for endwalls to suit 675mm, 750mm, 825mm, & 900mm are:  2mtrs wide by 1400mm high