Rural Fencing Systems

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Traralgon Concrete Products Rural Fencing Systems

Prestressed Concrete Fence Posts have been used in Europe for many years, but are relatively new in Australia.

With their streamlined appearance, strength, durability and resistance to traditional threats such as fire, termites and rot, TCP Fence Posts are the answer to your fencing requirements.

The use of concrete is environmentally friendly and reduces the need to cut down hardwood trees and also reduces the use of chemically treated timbers on the farm.

Manufactured in accordance with strict quality procedures to ensure consistent strength and durability, the posts will meet all your requirements for stock fencing. Hole spacings match all normal fencing requirements – from electric fencing to barbed wire, plain wire and netting fences. High compressive strength concrete (50 mPa) and precise pre-tensioning of the unique four wire system of reinforcing ensures that the posts have enough strength to resist all test loads applied.

The posts are very user friendly. They can be driven using any standard post driver and their light weight and ease of handling makes them simple to use. By simply inserting a short length of poly tube the posts can be insulated for use in electric fencing systems. No more drilling holes, no more stapling wires, TCP Prestressed Fence Posts take the hard work out of your fencing tasks.